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I'm Just A Dude With A Crazy Dream...

I'm just a dude with a crazy dream. Ya empeze mi camino. No turning back now. I wonder how far I'll get in 10 years?💭

I remember as a kid I've always had the desire to do my own thing. Growing up I was always that smart kid. Teachers thought I was gonna graduate and become a doctor or a lawyer so I took that route.

I hated it. Took all kinds of classes trying to find my "mayor". Advice I'd always hear was find something you love and study that...

I never found it. I ended up dropping outta college. However I've always loved 2 things. Music and business. It never occurred to me to take that route. So I did.

I went against the advice of family who told me to go back to school or I would be end up at a dead end job. However I had different plans in mind.

That's how I kinda got to this point. Requintazo Strings was born and slowly more people are finding out about it.

Honestly I'm extremely grateful. If you're reading this than thank you. I really appreciate you.

-Jovanny Castillo

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