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“No te rindas cabrón…

Recuerda la promesa que te hiciste. No te limites. El mundo es tuyo.”

These are the words I tell myself every single day.

My goal is to create a successful business, generate a million dollars, and retire my parents early. The question is: How the heck do I do it??

I’ve tried everything from dropshipping, SMMA, wholesaling houses, going to college LOL, but nothing seemed to work.

One thing is for sure, I realized that I was never going to make that million dollars by getting a job and staying there for the rest of my life.

That is where I turned towards entrepreneurship as the solution.

Here is what I have learned over the years.

Slowlane Vs. Fastlane mentality

This is the most important concept you must be aware of if your goal is to make money.

There are 2 types of mentalities in this world: Slowlane mentality and Fastlane mentality.

What are the differences and what do they even mean?

Slowlane mentality: The lies and BS every single person in America is sold on. This is what they promise: Work hard, invest in stocks, don’t buy that cup of Starbucks, and you will retire loaded. What a bunch of BS LOL.

I realized this early on, even before enrolling in college. Every time I would see a Lambo or went to a rich neighborhood I never thought, “shit these guys went to college” jajajaja.

It was always like, they must be narcos, famous singers, or some crazy stuff like that.

Even still, indoctrination into this mentality is inevitable. As early as 4 years old I was put into an institution from 8-5pm (including after school) given lunch breaks, and was graded on my performance in class.

I was being trained young to later on join the workforce and do the same stuff over and over for the rest of my life. Darn…

Why do you think school is designed the way it is?? You go to school Monday through Friday and only have the weekends off. Sound familiar?

After high school, even though I was already aware of what was going on, I still enrolled in college and wasted a few years there hoping to find the answer. Brainwashed to believe that school was the only way out. Only to stay trapped, further into the matrix.

Wake up.

Am I totally against jobs? No. I think they can be great stepping stones to making money and learning more skills, but I would never like to stay there.

And that’s what most people do. Wake up, go to work, come home tired AF, party on the weekend, only to repeat the cycle over and over again.

They brainwashed you real good, didn’t they?

Why would you want to remain complacent? Why wouldn't you motivate yourself to grow?? Why don’t you do anything to learn new skills to make more money or better your own life???

What is stopping you from even trying?

The matrix did its job. It robbed you of your true dreams and now you have stopped growing.

Welcome to the Fastlane:

Good, you are now aware that the slow lane will never give you the financial success you dream of. If you are feeling completely lost, the fast lane will be your answer. It will bring you more clarity to what you have to do in order to achieve that financial success that you desire.

But what exactly is the fast lane??

Fastlane mentality: Slowlaners are frugal with money, fastlaners are frugal with time. This is a business-oriented mindset that focuses on creating leverage that you control with a business you own, to generate income fast.

Why did I switch over to this mindset? I realized that if I stayed with a slow lane approach I was going to stay stuck at a job I hated for the rest of my life.

I would also have no direct control over how much money I could make. My income would be capped at whatever salary my job offered.

Sure they may give me a small raise if I worked there for years on end, but I would always be at the mercy of my boss.

There are also many dangers to operating in the slow lane mentality. What if you die young? What if they fire you? What if a recession hits and stocks go down???

There are so many variables that you cannot control.

That is why I switched over to the dark side LOL. The fast lane.

Unlike slow laners, I now have direct control over my life. I don’t have to worry about having to get raises, about being fired, about any of these things because I own and operate my own business.

Thanks to the many skills I developed over time, I now have direct control over how many leads I have access to, how many customers I want, and I have a clear vision of what I need to do if I want to generate more income. I am in control of these levers.

How do you get into the fast lane?

Entrepreneurship is the only way. You must start a business if you want to be in direct control of the income you produce.

This is easier said than done. In the past, I’ve tried multiple businesses from dropshipping, SMMA, wholesaling houses, etc.

But nothing seemed to work. That’s not to say that you can’t make money doing these business ventures. Obviously, there are people in these ventures that make bank, so I realized the business wasn’t the problem. I was.

Before we dive into the skills necessary to build a successful business I want to give you some tips that I’ve learned from my past mistakes that may help you out.

What business should you start??

The traditional model of business is finding a hungry crowd, niching down, creating a product to solve their problems and sell the solution.

This definitely works. So, I would recommend starting there.

You have to ask yourself what skills do you currently possess, can you offer these skills as a service to other people and are people willing to pay for this service.

Out of all the businesses I’ve tried, service-based businesses seem the easiest to start, grow and scale.

Why? Because generally, they have low startup costs, If it’s something you are currently doing for yourself you probably already have the gear, you can price high and use those profits to invest in ads to generate more customers, and still have profit left over.

There are so many things you can do. Don’t let this uncertainty stop you from starting.

How do you choose? You probably already have that itch in the back of your mind. You’ve probably thought of doing that one thing, but something always stopped you from trying.

Choose that. Don’t think about it any longer.

3,2,1 Start.

Consistency matters more than results

One thing I found for certain is that motivation doesn’t last. This is a common problem I see in the masses.

They find a motivational book that gets them pumped up, a David Goggins video pops up on their feed, they start consuming motivational content like crazy.

They start working out, start grinding, start staying up late working for a week.

Then motivation fades. They stop going to the gym, they stop learning, they stop working, only

to end up in the exact same spot they were before.

Get this through your head. Motivation alone will not get you the life you seek.

The old you must die. That is why you have the life you currently have.

“Vibra como quieres ser”. You must think and act like the person who deserves all the success you want to achieve. You must become that person.

This process doesn’t happen overnight.

Something in you has to snap. You have to open your eyes to the realities of this world. Realize that a job is never going to get you to where you want to be. The government isn’t coming to save you. You most likely aren’t going to win the lotto.

Feel this pain. Pain is the greatest motivator to actually making a change.

How can you go back to living “normally” when deep down you know all of what I said is true??

No one is coming to save you. It is all on you if you want it bad enough.

You must take action. Start that business, make that content, start that newsletter. Even though at first no one is watching.

This is what is going to mold you into the person who deserves all the success. Bend reality to your darn will.

In the end, if you are constantly learning, taking action, uploading content, and striving to grow. Do this and you will see results. I promise you that. The universe cannot deny you of your goals if you actually put in the work to receive them.

Volume beats luck

This is another concept I learned from Hormozi the Buff. Volume beats luck always.

Let’s say your goal is to become a viral content creator. You suck at producing content, but you do it anyway. You upload multiple videos per day, but no one watches them.

The algorithm hates you, you feel shadowbanned, but you keep uploading anyways.

Eventually you will upload 1 piece of content that will go viral. I promise you.

Throughout this entire process, you will also get better over time.

Maybe it takes you 1000 videos to create that one viral piece. You start the process again using the new skills you acquired. Now you go viral after only 500.

These are exaggerated numbers LOL.

But there is no denying that you will get better with time. Eventually, you will build that skill and can rely on it to keep growing and achieve results quicker.

Volume beats luck always. Remember this. Stop thinking about it too much and take action now.


In the end, knowledge is only good if you actually apply it. You have 2 choices: read this newsletter and do nothing.

Or apply these concepts into your life and start to make a change. Here are some key points I want you to take away from this.

  • You can have one of these 3 mentalities. Slowlane, fastlane, or sidewalk.

  • Slowlane: relies on jobs, stocks, and other slow money-making methods. They hope to become a millionaire by the time they retire.

  • Fastlane: focus on building businesses to generate fast income.

  • Sidewalker: has no financial plan at all.

  • Consistency matters more than results.

  • Keep taking action even though you aren’t seeing the results you wish.

  • Over time you will get better and results will compound.

  • You are in control of your own life.

  • No one is coming to save you.

  • Volume beats luck, always.

-Jovanny Castillo

P.S. Still feeling lost? Need one-on-one help to gain more clarity?? Click here to schedule a Free 30-Minute Consultation with me here.

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